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Capital & Class

Capital & Class

Capital & Class

Crítica a  autores específicos
1)      Critique of Brenner (Fine and Lapavitsas, 2000)
2)      The basic theory of capitalism: A critical review of Itoh and the Uno school (Simon Clarke, 1989)
3)      Rubel's Marxology: A Critique (Kevin Anderson, 1992)
4)      New Departures in Marxian Theory. Critique of Wollf y Resnick (Carchedi, Guglielmo, 1008)

Teoría del estado
5)      Capitalism, modernity and the nation state. Critique of Hannes Lacher (Tony Burns, 2010)
6)      A Note on the Theory of Capitalist States, (Colin Barker, 1978)
7)      Free economy and the strong state: some notes on the State (Werner Bonefeld, 2010)
8)      State theory, regulation, and autopoiesis: debates and controversies (Bob Jessop, 2001)
9)      Regulation theory, post Fordism and the state: more than a reply to Bonefeld (Bob Jessop, 1988)
10)  The current of the national state in the current crisis of the world market (Bob Jessop)
11)  The Marxist Theory of the State and the Problem of Fractions: Some Theoretical and Methodological Remarks, (John Solomons, 1979)
12)  Misconceptions of power: From Alchian and Demsetz to Bowles and Gintis (Giulio Palermo, 2007)
13)  In and Against the Training State (Phil Mizen, 1994)
14)  Marxism, Sociology and Poulantzas' Theory of the State (Simon Clarke, 1977)
15)  Capital, class and crisis: the false dichotomy of the market and the State (Hugo Radice , 2010)
16)  The Internationalisation of the State (Sol Piccioto, 1991)
17)  The State and the Future of Socialism (Leo Panitch, 1980)
18)  The State Rules, OK? The Continuing Political Economy of Nation-States (Sam Pooley, 1991)
19)  Beyond the Nation-State?: The Transnational Firm and the Nation-State (Crhistos Pitelis, 1991)
20)  Acorns and fruit: From totalization to periodization in the critique of capitalism (Andreas Bieler, 2010)

21)  A note on Chris Arthur Dialectics of negativity (Guglielmo Carchedi, 2003)
22)  Marx's Fourth Capital Circuit (Chris Arthur, 1996)
23)  Value and negativity: a reply to Carchedi (Chris Arthur, 2004)
24)  Marxism and philosophy: a critique of critical realism (Richard Gunn, 1989)
25)  Economics and Epistemology: A Realist Critique (Rajani Kanth, 1992)
26)  Debating critical realism in economics (Ben Fine, 2006)
27)  What Kind of Theory is Marx's Labour Theory of Value? A Critical Realist inquirí (Steve Fleetwood, 2001)
28)  Capital in General and Marx's Logical Method: A Response to Heinrich's critique (Fred Moseley, 1995)
29)  Against Critical Realism (Kevin Mcgill, 1994)
30)  Testing Marx: A Note (Thanasis Maniatis, 1996)
31)  Rethinking critical realism: Labour markets or capitalism? (Ben Fine, 2007)
32)  Rethinking labour markets: A critical-realist-socioeconomic perspective (Steve Fleetwood, 2006)
33)  Marxism and Critical Realism: The Same, Similar, or Just Plain Different? (John Michael Roberts, 1999)
34)  In Defence of Critical Realism (Jonathan Joseph, 1998)
35)  The fetishizing subject in Marx's Capital (Samuel Knafo)

36)  Imperialismo or the beast of the apocaplypse (Alan Lipietz, 1984)
37)  Capitalism, Industrialisation and Development in Latin America: the dependency paradigm revisited (Ron Ayres and David Clark, 1998)
38)  On Amin's Model of Autocentric Accumulation (A.A Brewer, 1980)
39)  Close the IMF, abolish debt and end development: a class analysis of the international debt crisis (Harry Cleaver, 1989)
40)  The Dynamics of Class Politics and National Economies in Globalisation: The Marginalisation of the Unacceptable (Jonathan Moran, 1998)
41)  The Political Economy and Class Analytics of International Capital Flows: US Industrial Capital in the 1970s and 1980s (Richard McIntyre, 1991)
42)  Global Regulation vs. the Nation-State: Agro-Food Systems and the New Politics of Capital (Philip McMichael and David Myhre, 1991)
43)  Direct Investment and Monopoly Theories of Imperialism (Werner Olle and Wolgang Schoeller, 1982)
44)  Neo-Gramscian Hegemony and the International Order (Peter Burnham, 1991)
45)  Relative surplus population and uneven development in the neoliberal era: theory and empirical application (David Neilson)
46)  The Political Economy of Exchange Rate Policy-Making: From the Gold Standard to the Euro (David Gent, 2006)
47)  Historical Materialism and Globalization (Pozo-Martin, Gonso;Anievas, Alexander, 2006)
48)  State and Capital in Dependent Social Formations: The Brazilian Case (Rolando Munck, 1979)
49)  Value and the World Economy Today: Production, Finance and Globalization (George Liodakis, 2006)
50)  Equilibrium, Uneven Development and the Tendency of the Rate of profit to fall 8John Weeks, 1982)
51)  The Expansion of Capital and Uneven Development on a World Scale (John Weeks, 2001)
52)  Owen Worth and Phoebe Moore (eds.) Globalisation and the ‘New’ Semi-Peripheries (Reviewed by Ray Kiely, 2009)
53)  Debate on capitalism and development: The theories of Samir Amin and Bill Warren (Haldun Gulap, 1986)
54)  Marxism, Post-Marxism and Development Fetishism (Ray Kiely, 1995)

Trabajo simple, complejo, abstracto y elementos del capital
55)  Fixed and circulating capital (Felton C Shortall, 1986)
56)  A Note on Marx's Analysis of the Composition of Capital (Alfredo Saad-Filho, 1993)
57)  A Note on the Reduction of Complex Labour to Simple Labour (R. Totajada, 1977)
58)  A historical approach to the question of abstract labour (David Gleicher, 1983)
59)  What is 'simple labour'? A re-examination of the value-creating capacity of skilled labour (James Devine, 1989)

60)  Crisis of Socialism or Crisis of the state? (Simon Clarke, 1990)
61)  The Soviet Economy in the 1920s and 1930s (Mark Harrison, 1980)
62)  Marxism and the Analysis of Soviet Societies 8Mark Rakovski, 1977)
63)  Money and Credit in Socialist Economies: a Reconsideration, Makoto Itoh, 1996)

Problema de la transformación
64)  A profit invariant solution to the marxian transformation problema (Jean-Guy Loranger, 2004)
65)  Marx without equilibrium (Alan Freeman, 1995)
66)  From Production Prices to Reproduction Prices (G. Carchedi and W. de Haan, 1995)
67)  From Okishio to Marx through dialectics (Guglielmo Carchedi, 2009)
68)  Marxism without Marx. A note towards a critique (Alan Freeman)
69)  Replicating Marx: A reply to Mohun, (Andrew Kliman y Alan Freeman, 2006)
70)  Simultaneous valuation vs. the exploitation theory of profit: A summing up Andrew Kliman y Alan Freeman, 2008)
71)  The disintegration of the Marxian school (Andrew Kliman)
72)  The Anomalies of Capital (Susan Himmelweit and Simon Mohun, 1978)
73)  On the TSSI and the exploitation theory of profit (Simon Mohun, 2003)
74)  An Alternative Reading of the Transformation of Values into Prices of production (Alfredo Saad-Filho, 1997)
75)  The incoherence of the TSSI: A reply to Kliman and Freeman (Simon Mohun y Robert Veneziani, 2007)
76)  'Value in Process': A Reply to Naples (Andrew Kliman, 1993)

Clases/proceso de trabajo
77)  Class Beyond the Nation-State (David Ruccio, Stephen Resnick and Richard Wolff, 1991)
78)  Class formation at the international level (Kees van der pijl)
79)  Formal and real subordination and the contemporary proletariat: Re-coupling Marxist class theory (David Neilson, 2007)
80)  Economics, Politics, and Labour Process Theory (Michael Rowlinson and John Hassard, 1994)
81)  The Politics of Workplace Trade Unionism: Recent Tendencies and some Problems for Theory, (Richard Hyman, 1979)
82)  Trade Union Internationalism and the Supra-National State (John S. Baker,1978)
83)  Class analysis and the politics of new social movements (Lawrence Wilde, 1990)
84)  Review Article. Two models of class analysis. Critique of Wright (Guglielmo Carchedi)
85)  Valorisation and 'Deskilling': A Critique of Braverman (Tony Elger, 1979)
86)  Labour Power and the State (Tortajada, 1978)
87)  Putting social capital in its place (Das, Raju J, 2006)

Teoría de la renta
88)  The Theory of Rent: From Crossroads to The Magic Roundabout (Derek Kerr, 1996)
89)  Some controversies in the development of rent theory: the nature of oil (Cyrus, 1989)
90)  Value and Theory of Rent: Part One (Robin Murray,1977)
91)  Value and Theory of Rent: Part Two (Robin Murray, 1978)

Crítica a la teoría de la regulación
92)  Overaccumulation, class struggle and the regulation approach (Simon Clarke, 1988)
93)  Regimes of Accumulation, Microeconomies and Hegemonic Politics (Ivar Jonsson, 1993)

Teoría del valor
94)  Exploitation and the Labour Theory of Value: a neo-Marxian reply (Steve Ran Kin, 1987)
95)  Value is as value does (Ben Fine, 2010)
96)  Industrial Restructuring in the US Economy: A Value Analysis (Don M. Shakow, Julie Graham and Katherine D. Gibson, 1992)
97)  In Defence of Value a Reply to Ian Steedman (Philip Armstrong, Andrew Glyn and John Harrison, 1978)
98)  Use values, the law of value and the analysis of non-capitalist production (Fahy Brycesson, 1983 –leído-)
99)  On the Theoretical Consistency of Sraffa's Economics (Sungur Savran, 1979)

Sobre las crisis

100)                     The Inflational Crisis of World Capitalism (Makoto Itoh, 1978)
101)                     The Decline of the Rate of Profit in the Postwar US Economy: Is the over? (Fred Moseley, 1992)
102)                     Value and Consumption: Prolegomena to the Theory of Crisis (Jon Rosenthal, 1993)

103)                     New Utopias for old: Fordist dreams and Post-Fordist fantasies (Simon Clarke, 1990)
104)                     Marxian and post-Keynesian theories of finance and the business cycle (Trevor Evans, 2004)
105)                     Flexible Production and the Capital/Wage Labour Relation in manufacturing, (Tony Smith, 1994)

Modos de producción
106)                     Mode of Production-Out? (Tim Putnam, 1978)
107)                     Modes of Production in a Materialist Conception of History (Jairus Banaji, 1977 –leído-)

Teoría del dinero
108)                     The money expression of value and the credit system: a value-form theoretic outline (Geert Reuten, 1988)
109)                     On the Creation of Money and the Accumulation of Bank-Capital (Mike Hall, 1992)

Naciones y nacionalismo
110)                     Great historical failure: marxist theories of nationalism (Ephraim Nimni, 1985)
111)                     Otto Bauer: towards a marxist theory of nationalism (Ronnie Munck, 1985)
112)                     The national economy: a Keynesian myth? (Hugo Radice, 1984)

Revolución pasiva
113)                     Labour and the state in China’s passive revolution (Kevin Gray)
114)                     Passive revolution, perestroika and the emergence of the new Russia (Rick Simon)
115)                     The limits of passive revolution (Alex Callinicos, 2010)
116)                     The continuum of passive revolution (Adam David Morton, 2010)

Trabajo productivo/improductivo
117)                     A value-oriented distinction between productive and unproductive labour (Sergio Cámara Izquierdo, 2006)
118)                     Restructuring State Employment: Labour and Non-Labour in the Capitalist State (Bob Carter, 1997)
119)                     Productive and Unproductive Labour: An Attempt at Clarification and classification (Sungur Savran and E. Ahmet Tonak, 1999)

Orientación política

120)                     Class Compromise and the International Economy: The Rise and Fall of Swedish Social Democracy (Stuart Wilks, 1996)

Unión Europea

121)                     Contradictions of European Integration (Bruno Carchedi and Guglielmo Carchedi, 1999)
122)                     The EMU, Monetary Crises, and the Single European Currency (Guglielmo Carchedi, 1997)
123)                     From transition crisis to the global crisis: Twenty years of capitalism and labour in the Central and Eastern EU new member states (Özlem Onaran, 2011)
124)                     Europe and the 're-regulation of world society': A critique of Habermas (Wilde, Lawrence, 2007)


125)                     Law and marxism (Peter Binns, 1980)