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Historical materialism

Historical materialism


Historical Materialism

1.      The Fallacies of ‘New Dialectics’ and Value-Form Theory (Guglielmo Carchedi, 2009)
2.      Contradiction and Abstraction: A Reply to Finelli (Christopher J. Arthur, 2009)
3.      Inmanence (Peter Thomas, 2008)
4.      Abstraction versus Contradiction: Observations on Chris Arthur’s The New Dialectic and Marx’s ‘Capital’ (Roberto Finelli, 2007)
5.      How Dialectics Runs Aground: The Antinomies of Arthur’s Dialectic of Capital, (Robert Albritton, 2005)
6.      Against the New Dialectic (Alex Callinicos, 2005)
7.      The Economic Cell-Form (Ian Hunt, 2005)
8.      A Critique of Value-Form Marxism (Jim Kincaid, 2005)
9.      The Dialectician’s Interpretation of Capital (Jacques Bidet, 2005)
10.  Reply to Critics (Christopher J. Arthur, 2005)
11.  The Inner Totality of Capitalism (Christopher J. Arthur, 2006)
12.  On the Homology Thesis (Tony Smith, 2003)
13.  Once More on the Homology Thesis: A Response to Smith’s Reply (Christopher J. Arthur, 2003)
14.  Hegel: Mystic Dunce or Important Predecessor? A Reply to John Rosenthal  (Tony Smith, 2002)
15.  Hegel Decoder: A Reply to Smith’s ‘Reply’ (John Rosenthal, 2001)
16.  La interconexión entre la dialéctica sistemática y el materialismo histórico (Geert Reuten, 2000)
17.  La teoría laboral del valor verdaderamente social: parte I (Patrick Murray, 2000)
18.  La teoría laboral del valor verdaderamente social: parte II (Patrick Murray, 2000)

19.  Fair-Trade Coffee and Commodity Fetishism: The Limits of Market-Driven Social Justice (Gavin Fridell, 2007)
20.  Ideology Theory (Jan Rehmann, 2007)
21.  About Justice (Susane Lettow, 2005)
22.  Towards a Critique of the Category of Totalitarianism (Domenico Losurdo, 2004)
23.  Karl Marx as a conservative Thinker (Alan Shandro, 2000)
24.  Etics, politics and the potential of dialogism (Craig Brandist, 1999)

25.  Riding the long wave (Michael Husson, 1999)

26.  Financialised Capitalism: Crisis and Financial Expropriation (Costas Lapavitsas, 2009)
27.  The Changing nature of imperialism: the US as author of the Asian crisis of 1997 (Michael Burke, 2001)
28.  Crisis and recovery in East Asia: the limits of capitalist development (Paul Burkett, 2001)
29.  Dialectics and crisis theory: a response to Tony Smith (Ben Fine, 2000)
30.  A Reply to Fine, Lapavitsas and Milonakis (Tony Smith, 2000)
31.  Brenner and crisis theory: issues in systematic and historical dialectics (Tony Smith, 1999)
32.  Surfing the trouble waters of global turbulence: a comment (John Weeks, 1999)
33.  Explaining the global economic crisis (Anwar Shaik, 1999)

Crítica a Habermas
34.  The Sundered Totality of System and Lifeworld (Deborah Cook, 2005)
35.  Adorno contra Habermas:The Claims of Critical Theory as Immanent Critique (Fotini Vaki, 2005)
36.  The Theory of Ideology and the Ideology of Theory: Habermas Contra Adorno (James Gordon Finlayson, 2003)
37.  A Response to Finlayson (Deborah Cook, 2003)
38.  Critical Strategies in Adorno and Habermas: Theories of ideology and the ideology of theory (Deborah cook, 2000)

Teoría del valor
39.  Twixt Ricardo and Rubin: Debating Kincaid Once More (Ben Fine and Alfredo Saad-Filho, 2009)
40.  The Logical Construction of Value-Theory: More on Fine and Saad-Filho (Jim Kincaid, 2009)
41.  Production vs. Realisation in Marx’s Theory of Value: A Reply to Kincaid (Ben Fine and Alfredo Saad-Filho, 2008)
42.  Production versus Capital in Motion: A Reply to Fine and Saad-Filho (Jim Kincaid, 2008)
43.  Production vs. Realisation: A Critique of Fine and Saad-Filho on Value Theory (Jim Kincaid, 2007)
44.  On Materiality and Social Form: A Political Critique of Rubin’s Value-Form Theory (Axel Kicillof a and Guido Starosta, 2007)
45.  Political Marxism and Value Theory: Bridging the Gap between Theory and History (Samuel Knafo, 2007)
46.  Marx’s concept of intrinsic value (Andrew Kliman, 2000)
47.  Abstract Labor and capital (Geoffrey Kay, 1999)

Imperialismo, desarrollo desigual y combinado/rree
48.  Historicising the International: Modes of Foreign Relations and Political Economy (Kees van der Pijl, 2010)
49.  Lost in Transition: the German World-Market Debate in the 1970s (Oliver Nachtweya and Tobias ten Brink, 2008)
50.  ‘New’ Imperialism? On Globalisation and Nation-States (Prasenjit Bose, 2007)
51.  A Reply to Critics (Ellen Meiksins Wood, 2007)
52.  Global Economic History as the Accumulation of Capital Through a Process of Combined and Uneven Development: An Appreciation and Critique of Ernest Mandel (Patrick Karl O’Brien, 2007)
53.  The ‘Law’ of Uneven and Combined Development: Some Underdeveloped Thoughts (Marcel van der Linden, 2007)
54.  Imperialism Old and New: A Comment on David Harvey’s The New Imperialism and Ellen Meiksins Wood’s Empire of Capital (Bob Sutcliffe, 2006)
55.  David Harvey’s Symptomatic Silence (Noel Castree, 2006)
56.  What Is, and What Is Not, Imperialism? (Robert Brenner, 2006)
57.  Comment on Commentaries (David Harvey, 2006)
58.  The Governance of Global Capitalism: A New Materialist Perspective (Paul Cammack, 2003)
59.  Globalisation and Capitalist Property Relations: A Critical Assessment of David Held’s Cosmopolitan Theory (Tony Smith, 2003)

60.  Success for Whom? An Historical-Materialist Critique of Neoliberalism in Chile (Marcus Taylor, 2002)

Capitalismo yanqui
61.  Exploitation, Consumption, and the Uniqueness of US Capitalism  (Stephen Resnick and Richard Wolff, 2003)

Análisis de discurso
62.  Discourse and the Materialist Conception of History: Critical Comments on Critical Discourse Analysis (Peter E. Jones, 2004)

Análisis de clase la integración europea
63.  Review del libro de Guglielmo Carchedi de 2001 (Alan Freeman, 2006)

Teoría del dinero, del crédito y las finanzas
64.  Money in Capitalism or Capitalist Money? (Dick Bryan and Michael Rafferty, 2006)
65.  Relations of Power and Trust in Contemporary Finance (Costas Lapavitsas, 2006)
66.  Money and Credit in Heterodox Theory: Reflections on Lapavitsas (Gary A. Dymski, 2006)
67.  Political Economy of Money, Credit and Finance in Contemporary Capitalism: Remarks on Lapavitsas and Dymski (Makoto Itoh, 2006)

68.  Passage to Socialism:The Dialectic of Progress in Marx (Paresh Chattopadhyay, 2006)

Teoría del estado
69.  Statism (Bob Jessop, 2007)

Trabajo asalariado/proceso de trabajo/clases
70.  Exploring Working-Class Consciousness: A Critique of the Theory of the ‘Labour-Aristocracy (Charles Post, 2010)
71.  The Disguises of Wage-Labour: Juridical Illusions, Unfree Conditions and Novel Extensions (Rakesh Bhandari, 2008)

Debate rsp v/s ffpp
72.  Productive Forces and the Economic Logic of the Feudal Mode of Production (Chris Wickham)

Crítica a Giovanni Arrighi
73.  Giovanni Arrighi in Beijing: An Alternative to Capitalism? (Leo Panitch, 2010)
74.  Karl Marx between Two Worlds: The Antinomies of Giovanni Arrighi’s Adam Smith in Beijing (Richard Walker, 2010)
75.  Adam Smith in Beijing: A World-Systems Perspective (Christopher Chase-Dunn, 2009)