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Socialist Register

Socialist register


Socialist Register

1.      Marx’s ethics and ethical theory (Donald Clarke Hodges, 1964)
2.      An open letter to Kolakowski (EP Thompson, 1973)

3.      The economics of neocapitalism (Ernest Mandel, 1964)

4.      The failure of kruschevism (Isaac Deutscher, 1965)
5.      Reflections on the peoples democracies (KS Karol, 1965)
6.      Ideoloical trends in the USSR (Deutscher, 1968)
7.      Lessons of economic soviet reform (Michael Ellman, 1968)
8.      Roots of Bureocracie (Deutscher, 1969)
9.      Workers Control. The checoslovaq experience (Robert Vitak, 1971)
10.  Stalin and after (Ralph Miliband, 1973)
11.  Solzhenitsyn. A political analysis (Jean Marie Chauvier, 1974)
12.  The polish October twenty years later (Wlodzimierz Brus, 1977)
13.  A future for socialism in the USSR (Schwartz, 1991)
14.  For a socialist rebirth. A soviet view (Buzgalin and Kolganov, 1991)
15.  Perestroika and the neoliberal proyect (Flaherty, 1991)
16.  Perestroika and the proletariat (Leo Panitch, 1991)
17.  Privilegentsia, property and power (Daniel Singer, 1991)
18.  Real socialism in historical perspective (Cox, 1991)
19.  Soviet rehearsal in Yugoslavia. Contradictions of the socialist liberal strategy (Woodward, 1991)
20.  The communist experience (John Saville, 1991)
21.  The struggle for power in the soviet economy (David Mandel, 1991)
22.  Global perestroika (Cox, 1992)

23.  Natural science and human theory. Critique of Marcuse (Sedgwick,1966)
24.  Critique of Hindess and Hirst (Corrigan and Sayer, 1978)
25.  Marxism without class struggle (Meiksins Wood, 1983)
26.  Seven Types of obloquy. Travestisms of Marxism (Norman Geras, 1990)

América Latina
27.  The working class in AL. Some theoretical problems (Davies and De Miranda, 1967)
28.  Guerrillas in AL (Hobsbawn, 1970)
29.  The coup in Chile (Miliband, 1973)
30.  The Chilean State after the coup (Barry Henderson, 1977)
31.  Nicaragua. A revolution that fell from grace of the people (Vilas, 1991)

Peasant questions
32.  Peasants and revolution (Hamza Alavi, 1965)
33.  The peasant revolution (Kiernan, 1970)
34.  Franz Fanon and the lumpenproletariat (Peter Worsley, 1972)

35.  Industrial conflict and political economy (Richard Hyman, 1973)
36.  Reflections on the mining strike (Hyman, 1986)

Teoría política
37.  The State in peripheral societies (Ziemann and Lanzendorfer, 1977)
38.  The political transition in Spain (Rodríguez Aramberri, 1979)
39.  Beyond relative autonomy. State managers as historical subjects (Fred Block, 1980)
40.  The State and the economy. Some theoretical problems (Laurence Harris, 1980)
41.  Liberal democracy and capitalist hegemony (Meiksins Wood, 1981)
42.  Liberal democracy and socialist democracy (Leo Panitch, 1981)
43.  Marx and Blanqui. The mayority rule (Monty Johnstone, 1983)
44.  Authoritarianism, democracy and socialist transition (James Petras, 1985)

45.  One world or three. A critique of the world system theory of Wallerstein (Peter Worsley, 1980)
46.  The Geography of class power (David Harvey, 1998)

Orientación política
47.  How to no reappraise the New Left (Ken Coates, 1976)
48.  Crisis in eurocommunism. The French Case (George Ross, 1978)
49.  Constitutionalism and revolution. Notes on eurocommunism (Miliband, 1978)
50.  The collapse of liberalism (Wallerstein, 1992)
51.  The new Left old fashioned (Meiksins Wood, 1994)
52.  The uses and abuses of Japan as a progressive model (Paul Burkett, 1996)
53.  Why the Swedish model fail (Rudolf Meidner, 1993)
54.  La transicion del socialism al capitalism en el laborismo inglés (Colin Leys, 1996)
55.  The decline of Spanish social democracy1982-1996 (Vicente Navarro, 1997)
56.  China’s communist capitalism. The real world of market socialism (Greenfield and Leong, 1997)

57.  Global perestroika (Robert W. Cox, 1992)
58.  Hollywood’s war on the world: the new world order as a movie (Scott Forsyth, 1992)