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Insurgent sociologist

Insurgent sociologist


Insurgent Sociologist

1.      Towards a Theory of Colonialism (Omvedt, Gail, 1973)

Discusión de Wallerstein
2.      A Contribution to the Critique of the World System Perspective (Dupuy, Alex 1977)
3.      Imperialism and Capitalism: Are the Workers the Most Oppressed Class? (Wallerstein, Immanuel, 1973)
4.      How Do We Know Class Struggle When We See It? (Wallerstein, Immanuel , 1977)

Teoría del Estado
5.      Relative State Autonomy and Capitalism in Brazil and Peru (Bamat, Thomas, 1977)
6.      The Concept of Power in Marxist Theory: A Critique and Reformulation (McQuarie, Donald, 1989)
7.      The Death of State Autonomy Theory: A Review of Skocpol's "Protecting Soldiers and Mothers" (Domhoff, G. William 1992)
8.      What Does the Ruling Class Do When It Rules? (Goran Therborn, 1976)

Teoría de las clases
9.      A Critique of Wright's Theory of Contradictory Class Locations  (Meiksins, Peter F, 1988)
10.  Citizens and Classes: Political Isolation and Class Formation (Sitton, John F, 1990)
11.  Class Theory or Class Analysis? A Reexamination of Marx's Unfinished Chapter on Class (So, Alvin Y , 1990)
12.  Contradictory Class Definitions: Petty Bourgeoisie and the "Classes" of Erik Olin Wright  (Weil, Robert, 1995)
13.  The Organicity of Classes and the Naked Proletarian: Towards a New Formulation of the Class Conception (Bodeman, Y. Michael, 1986)
14.  The Sub-Proletariat: Dark Skins And Dirty Work (Oppenheimer, Martin,  1974)

15.  The Relationship Between Monopoly Capitalism and Progressive Education (Gilbert Gonzalez, 1977)

Teoría del proceso de trabajo
16.  The Labor Process According to Burawoy: Limits of a Nondialectical Approach to
17.  Capitalist Workplace Relations (Peck, Gary, 1982)
18.  Marx and The Labor Process: An Interpretation (Gartman, David, 1978)
19.  Marx, Braverman and the Logic of Capital (Aronowitz, Stanley, 1978)
20.  Social Relations of Production at the Point of Production (Edwards Richard, 1978)

21.  A Theory of Third World Social Revolutions: Iran, Nicaragua, and El Salvador Compared (Foran, John, 1992)

22.  Sociologists and the Study of Bureaucracy: A Critique of Ideology and Practice (Paul Goldman, 1978)

Debate de la Transición
23.  State Power and Modes of Production: Implications of the Japanese Transition to Capitalism (Trimberger, Ellen Kay, 1977)