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Review (Fernand Braudel Center)

Review (Fernand Braudel Center)


Review (Fernand Braudel Center)

Discusión teoría del sistema mundo capitalista
1.      Capitalism and the Modern World-System: Rethinking the Nondebates of the 1970s (Giovanni Arrighi, 1998)
2.      How Many World-Systems? A Contribution to the Continuationist/Transformationist Debate (Debra Straussfogel, 1998)
3.      The Current Development of the World-Economy: Reproduction of Labor and Accumulationof Capital on a World Scale (Folker Fröbel, 1982)
4.      The Rise and Future Demise of World-Systems Analysis (Immanuel Wallerstein, 1998)
5.      Typology of Crises in the World-System (Immanuel Wallerstein, 1988)
6.      On Wallerstein critique of historical materialism (Eduardo Mendieta, 2002)

Discusión ciclos, ondas largas, etc
7.      Cyclical Rhythms and Secular Trends of the Capitalist World-Economy: Some Premises,Hypotheses, and Questions (1979)
8.      Long Cycle Theory: Dialectical and Historical Analysis (Louis Fontvieille, 1990)
9.      Long Waves: A Selective, Annotated Bibliography (Kenneth Barr, 1979)
10.  Long Economic Cycles and Recurring Proletarian Insurgencies (Ernesto Screpanti, 1984)
11.  Long Waves and Labor-Process Change (Rod Coombs, 1984)
12.  Long Waves as Capitalist Process (Immanuel Wallerstein, 1984)
13.  Long Waves in Six Nations: Results and Speculations from a New Methodology (James B. Taylor, 1988)
14.  Long Waves in the International Financial System: Debt-Default Cycles of SovereignBorrowers (Christian Suter, 1989)
15.  Stepwise Polynomial Regression: Royal Road or Detour? (Howard Brill, 1988)
16.  The Labor Force in Long-Term Fluctuations (Louis Fontvieille, 1987)
17.  The Secular Evolution of the Concept of Cycles (Krzysztof Pomian, 1979)
18.  The Trouble with Cycles: A Reply to Brill (James B. Taylor, 1988)
19.  Towards an Explanation of the Long Wave, 1780-2000 (Andrew Tylecote, 1984)
20.  World-Scale Patterns of Labor-Capital Conflict: Labor Unrest, Long Waves, and Cycles of World Hegemony (Beverly J. Silver, 1995)

21.  Class Formation on a World Scale (R. W. Connell, 1984)
22.  Class versus World-Systems Analysis? Epitaph for a False Opposition (Samuel Bowles, 1988)
23.  Rethinking the Concepts of Class and Status-Group in a World-System Perspective (Giovanni Arrighi, Wallerstein, 1983)

Semiperiferia, periferia y desarrollo desigual
24.  Regional Analysis in World-System Perspective: A Critique of Three Structural Theories of Uneven Development (Carol Smith, 1987)
25.  Double Peripheralization (Sławomir Magala, 1985)
26.  The Semiperipheral Space in the World-System (Kees Terlouw, 2002)
27.  The Stratification of the World-Economy: An Exploration of the Semiperipheral Zone (Giovanni Arrighi, 1986)
28.  Theoretical Implications: A Roundtable Discussion (Wallerstein, Arrighi, 1979)
29.  Unequal Accumulation: Intermediate, Semi-Peripheral, and Sub-Imperialist Economies (André Gunder Frank, 1979)

30.  In What Sense and to What Degree Was the Russian Revolution a Proletarian Revolution? (Georges Haupt, 1979)
31.  On the Question of Feudalism, Absolutism, and the Bourgeois Revolution (Teshale Tibebu, 1990)
32.  The French Revolution: Between Class Identity and Universalist Illusions (Ferenc Feher, 1985)

Transition debate
33.  From Feudalism to Capitalism in Italy: The Case That Doesn't (Maurice Aymard, 1982)
34.  The Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism: The Theoretical Significance of the Japanese Case (Stephen K. Sanderson, 1994)

35.  1989, the Continuation of 1968 (Arrighi, Wallerstein, 1992)
36.  Long Live Transideological Enterprise! The Socialist Economies in the Capitalist International Division of Labor (André Gunder Frank, 1977)
37.  Historical Evolution of Classes and Class Policy in the U.S.S.R (Silviu Brucan, 1990)

38.  Letter to Giovanni Arrighi (Ramkrishna Mukherjee, 1983)
39.  Reply to Ramkrishna Mukherjee (Giovanni Arrighi, 1983)
40.  New Imperialism or New Capitalism? (Jonathan Nitzan and Shimshon Bichler, 2006)
41.  The TNC Issue: Naive Illusions or Exorcism and Lip-Service? (Tamás Szentes, 1982)
42.  World Mining Rent: An Extension of Marx's Theories (Chibuzo Nnate Nwoke, 1984)

Teoría de la regulación
43.  "Fordism" in Crisis: A Review of Michel Aglietta's "Régulation et crises: L'expérience desEtats-Unis (Mike Davis,1978)