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Theory and society

Theory and society


Theory and society

Crítica Jurgen Habermas
1.      Critical Theory as Ideology of the New Class: Rereading Jürgen Habermas (Cornelis Disco, 1979)
2.      Is Jürgen Habermas's Reconstructive Science Really Science? (C. Fred Alford, 1985)

Crítica Wallerstein
3.      The Emergence of Modern Science and World System Theory (Robert Wuthnow, 1979)
4.      A Metatheoretical Critique of Immanuel Wallerstein's "The Modern World System" (Stanley Aronowitz, 1981)
5.      The End of What Modernity? (Immanuel Wallerstein, 1995)

6.      From Marx to Kant (Benjamin Gregg, 1989)
7.      Kantian Ethics and socialism (James A. Winders, 1990)
8.      Marx and morality: an impossible synthesis? (Harry van der Linden, 1984)
9.      The concept of justice in sociology (David Rubinstein, 1988)
10.  The equality debate: what justice requires? (Derek L. Phillips, 1977)
11.  The political face of rational morality (Stephen Turner, 1988)
12.  From necessary illusion to rationalchoice (Ronald A. Kieve,1986)

Sobre las revoluciones
13.  Comments on Jeff Goodwin's "Toward a New Sociology of Revolutions (Farideh Farhi, 1994)
14.  Explaining revolutionary violence: a refutation (Rod Aya, 1994)
15.  Historical Events as Transformations of Structures: Inventing Revolution at the Bastille (William H. Sewell, Jr, 1996)
16.  Reply to Jeff Goodwin (James B. Rule, 1994)
17.  Response to Goodwin (Tim McDaniel, 1994)
18.  The Mid-Century Crisis and the 1848 Revolutions: A Critical Comment (Gareth Stedman Jones, 1983)
19.  Theories of Revolution and Revolution without Theory: The Case of Mexico (Walter L. Goldfrank, 1979)
20.  Theories of Revolution Reconsidered: Contrasting Models of Collective Violence (Rod Aya, 1979)
21.  Toward a New Sociology of Revolutions (Jeff Goodwin, 1994)
22.  Toward a New Sociology of Revolutions: Rejoinder (Jeff Goodwin, 1994)
23.  States and Societies in Revolution: Two Steps Forward, Perhaps One Step Back? (Timothy P. Wickham-Crowley, 1994)
24.  Artisans and Intellectuals in the German Revolution of 1848 (Alvin W. Gouldner, 1983)
25.  Capitalist Origins of the English Revolution: Chasing a Chimera (Jack A. Goldstone, 1983)
26.  Industrialization and Social Radicalism: British and French Workers' Movements and the Mid-Nineteenth-Century Crises (Craig Calhoun, 1983)
27.  The Barrington Moore thesis and its critics (Jonathan M. Wiener, 1975)

Debate sobre la transición
28.  Karl Marx on the Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism (Claudio J. Katz, 1993)

Sobre la urss
29.  Dual Dependency and Property Vacuum: Social Change on the State Socialist Semiperiphery (József Böröcz, 1992)
30.  Problems in the Theory of State Capitalism (Dupuy and Barry Truchil, 1979)
31.  Socioeconomic Inequality and Changes in Soviet Ideology (Victor Zaslavsky, 1980)
32.  The Corporatist Model and Socialism (Daniel Chirot, 1980)
33.  The Political Economy of Cuban Dependence on the Soviet Union (Kosmas Tsokhas, 1980)

Sociología, clases y proceso de trabajo
34.  A Critique of the Althusserian Approach to Class (R. W. Connell, 1979)
35.  Beyond Burawoy: The Dialectics of Conflict and Consent on the Shop Floor (Dan Clawson, 1983)
36.  Class Struggle and the Transformation of the Labor Process: A Relational Approach (David Stark, 1980)
37.  Marxism and the New Middle Classes: French Critiques (George Ross, 1978)
38.  Marx's Analysis of the French Class Structure (Peter Hayes, 1993)
39.  Proletarianization and Educated Labor (Magali Sarfatti Larson, 1980)
40.  Structuralist Marxism and the Labor Process: Where Have the Dialectics Gone? (David Gartman, 1983)
41.  The Problem of Social Class under Socialism (Sharon Zukin, 1978)
42.  The Three Waves of New Class Theories (Ivan Szelenyi and Bill Martin, 1988)
43.  What Is Progressive about Unions? Reflections on Trade Unions and Economic Crisis (George Ross, 1981)
44.  Perks, Pilferage, and the Fiddle: The Historical Structure of Invisible Wages (Jason Ditton, 1977)
45.  The Re-Making of the English Working Class? (Marc W. Steinberg, 1991)
46.  Chicago Sociology and Urban Planning Policy: Sociological Theory as Occupational Ideology (Henrika Kuklick, 1980)

Teoría del Estado
47.  On the State of the State: Marxist Theories of the State after Leninism (Boris Frankel, 1979)

48.  Figures of Weberian Marxism (Michael Löwy, 1996)
49.  Paradigms and incommensurability (Derek L. Phillipsk, 1975)
50.  The dialectical uses of ideal types (Francis Hearn, 1975)
51.  Two Methods in Search of Science: Skocpol versus Trotsky (Michael Burawoy, 1989)
52.  Functionalism vs. Rational Choice?: Some Questions concerning the Rationality of Choosing One or the Other (Johannes Berger and Claus Offe, 1982)
53.  Why China Failed to Create an Endogenous Industrial Capitalism: A Critique of Max Weber'sExplanation (Mark Elvin, 1984)
54.  Is There Value Added in Mathematical Marxism? (Arthut Stichcombe, 1985 –crítrica Roemer)

Análisis conciencia social
55.  Genetic Structuralism and the Analysis of Social Consciousness (William W. Mayrl, 1978)
56.  The Ordeal of Consciousness (David Matza and David WellmanReviewed, 1980)

Historia política
57.  Marx's Last Battle: Bakunin and the First International (Alvin W. Gouldner, 1982)