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Studies in political economy

Studies in political economy


Studies in political economy

Sindicalismo, clases, proceso de trabajo

1.      Trade and class revisited (Michael Lebowitz, 1990)
2.      Trade and class: labour strategies in a world of strong capital (Michael Lebowitz, 1988)
3.      British trade unionism in the 70's (Richard Hyman, 1979)
4.      Canadian labour in the battle of the eighties (Rianne Mahon, 1983)
5.      Capitalist restructuring and labour strategies (Leo Panitch, 1987)
6.      New forms of worker participation: a critique of quality of working life (Donald Swartz, 1981)
7.      Post-fordism and the flexibility debate (Martha Macdonald, 1991)
8.      Quebec unions and the state: conflict and dependence (Carla Lipsig-Mumme, 1981)
9.      The conceptualization of social class (J.K. Lindsey, 1980)
10.  Weak bodies, strong wills: the empirical evidence for Marx's theory of worktime  (Chris Nyland, 1988)
11.  The new french – Canadian bourgeoisie (Jorge Niosi, 1979)
12.  The new parameters of the quebec bourgeoisie  (Pierre Fournier, 1980)

Teoría del Estado

1.      The spaces of capital: the political form of capitalism and the internationalization of the state (Joachim Hirsch and John Kannankulam, 1985)
2.      Authority and foreign labour: some notes on a late capitalist form of capital accumulation and state intervention (Guglielmo Carchedi, 1979)
3.      Classes and states welfare state developments,1881-1981 (Goran Therborn, 1984)


1.      On rapid industrialization and collectivization: an essay in historiographic retrieval and criticism (Colin Duncan, 1986)
2.      Kornai and socialist laws of motion (Michael Lebowitz, 1985)
3.      The former soviet union in the era of primitive accumulation and kleptocratic rule (Grigori Kotovsky, 1992)
4.      The causes of the black market phenomenon in the u.s.s.r. (Lucille Beaudry and Luc Duhamel,1984)

Agriculture and capital

1.      Capital and agriculture: a review of Marxist problematics (Wilfrid B. Denis 1982)
2.      Concentration and centralization of capital in agriculture (Theodore P. Lianos, 1984)
3.      There is nothing simple about simple commodity production (Jacques Chevalier, 1982)
4.      About environmentalism (Robert Paehlke, 1985)


1.      Containing the class struggle: Skocpol on revolution (Steve Vieux, 1988)

Intentos socialistas

1.      A new style of governing: italian communism and the dilemmas of transition in turin, 1975-1979 (Stephen Hellman,1979)
2.      Nicaragua's private sector and the Sandinista revolution (Anthony Winson, 1985)
3.      Making socialism: lessons from Jamaica (Abigail Bakan, 1990)

Orientación política

1.      Beyond communism and social democracy (Leo Panitch, 1992)
2.      Inauthentic democracy: a critique of public life in modern liberal society (Alan Wolfe, 1986)
3.      Liberalism, marxism and the class character of radical democratic change (Bruces Mardon, 1992)
4.      The nature of populism: a clarification (John F. Conway, 1984)
5.      The politics of limited pluralism: west germany as a paradigmatic case (Thomas Hueglin, 1989)
6.      The rise and fall of the swedish model (Rudolf Meidner, 1992)
7.      Too many blindspots on the media (Michael Lebowitz, 1986)

Trabajo productivo-improductivo

1.      Productive and unproductive labour (Errol Black,1986)
2.      Marx: productive and unproductive labour (ken j. tarbuck, 1983)
3.      A comment on productive and unproductive labour (Riel Miller, 1984)

Teoría del valor

1.      Respecifying marx's value categories: a theoretical and empirical reconsideration of the "law of the falling rate of profit" (Murray Smith,1991)
2.      General human nature and the labour theory of value (Jacob Morris, 1985)
3.      The general and the specific in Marx's theory of crisis (Michael Lebowitz, 1982)

Imperialismo/desarrollo desigual

1.      The significance of the newly industrializing countries for the development debate (Manfred Bienefeld, 1987)


2.      Keynesian, monetarist and post-keynesian policy: a Marxist analysis (Bob Chernomas, 1983)
3.      A comment on Miller's comment (Ken J. Tarbuck, 1984)
4.      Socialism or protectionism? (David Mcnally, 1990)
5.      Technological determinism and Canadian political economy: further contributions to a debate (David Mcnally, 1986)
6.      The ideology of excellence: management and neo-conservatism (Jim Silver, 1987)