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Fifth International

Fifth International


1.      Fifth International

1. Hugo Chávez and the Bolivarian revolution (2005)
2. Hugo Chávez: leading a socialist revolution? (2006)
3. Chavez turns to the right (2009)

4. An historic crisis of capitalism Part 1: The crisis of globalisation: overaccumulation and the re-ordering of the world (Luke Cooper, 2009)
5. An historic crisis of capitalism Part 2: The politics of the new world order Luke Cooper, 2009)
6. An historic crisis of capitalism Part 3: The world class struggle, the character of the situation and the tasks of communists (Luke Cooper, 2009)

7. China: form Mao to the marker (Peter Main, 2007)
8. Globalisation and the myth of the new long wave (2008)
9. Marxist Theory of Law (2008)
10. What are the productive forces (Keith Spencer, 2008)
11. Social democracy, neoliberalism and new left parties in Europe (Luke Cooper, 2009)
12. Why is there no socialism in the United States? (Andy Yorke 2008)
13. Lula: The World Bank’s president (2004)